Facebook has changed the way people communicate. As a small business you cannot deny the impact of social media in our daily life.

It does not matter whether your are one man business or enterprise, social media is must for business growth.

You might be using facebook better or have different ideas, feel free to add in the comments section at the bottom of the post.

Go ahead, take these 45 tips and use it to grow your business.


1. Tune your Personal Profile for Business.

2. According to facebook terms & conditions one person can only have one ID.

3. Don’t open a separate account for business.

4. You cannot have personal profile on business name.

5. Edit your personal facebook profile and select the privacy.

6. Hide your full date of birth (good idea).

7. Include full information about you and your business in the bio.

8. Use your main keywords in the bio.

9. Select a professional picture for your profile (highly recommended).

10. Profile picture can be of 200 x 600 (width x height).

11. Find out how likes and interests work on facebook.

12. Find active users and connect with them.

13. Never send friend request without a message.

14. Organize friends by lists. Lists are visible to friends now (Important point to consider).


15. Business pages are design to sell products and services

16. Set a default landing page

17. You can’t do direct message from Fan Page

18. Choose the product category carefully, facebook can ask you to verify that you are the product owner.

19. Use keywords in fan page description; it is search able within facebook search

20. You can put product picture on the profile

21. You can create complete online store including payment processing without leaving the page

22. Business pages do not show page admin. You and facebook will only know who is a page admin

23. Always keep minimum 2 administrators of your business page.

24. You can import your blog posts directly into business page.

25. Huge range of applications is available to spice up your business page.

26. Offer people incentive to like your page.

27. You can have vanity url such as www.facebook.com/yourbusinessname as soon as you have 25 likes. Don’t forget to register yours by visiting this link http://www.facebook.com/username

28. You can use facebook as a page now. It will allow you to comment and like other pages as a page.


29. Search your competition and find out popular groups.

30. Find groups in your niche and connect with group admin.

31. Add value to the groups to establish your authority.

32. Create your own group.

33. Groups can have unlimited members.

34. Facebook does not allow direct commerce through groups.

35. Check spam & regulate your group.

36. You can e-mail up to 5000 members at a time.

37. Status updates of groups do not appear in the news feed.

38. Use keywords in group name and description.

39. You can do Joint ventures with other group admin.


40. You can use as your blog

41. Create catching titles of your notes

42. Encourage discussions, which can go viral

43. Create quality content

44. Notes get optimized by Google

45. Always end the blog post with call to action ask e.g. please comment below

I would love to hear how you are using facebook. Feel free to ask any question you may have in the comments below.

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    Very useful information!

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  • Business Facebook Page

    It is essential that most small businesses have a Facebook page to
    build their brand, communicate with customers and fans, and to maintain
    positive PR. Without a Facebook presence, a business can be left behind their
    competitors, particularly those who have chosen to fully embrace
    social media.