Social Media Marketing Services: 5 Steps Checklist for Smart Businesses

social media marketing services

Marketing is not a stand alone thing.

It must be connected with your beliefs about business.

“Believe in yourself. If you don’t. then no one else will have a reason to.” – John Di Lemme

Before you start any business, you must know the “why” any one will buy your product or service instead of going to your competitors.

Success of your product or services depends on how effectively and clearly you pass that “why” message to your prospects.

The more simple, straightforward & easy to understand messages you will create the more chances are that you can pass your message to your prospects with less noise.

Again, you must not have any doubt about the “why” your product or service is good than your competitors.

Because this will be the foundation of all your marketing efforts.


1≠ Why Use Social Media Marketing Services


This “why” should be aligned to your “why” you are in your chosen business.

Marketing is a way to communicate to your prospects, what you believe about your products or services and how these products & services can solve their problems.

Few reasons here why you should use social media for marketing:

  • Stats, huge number of people are using it, no business can ignore it
  • If you have the knowledge & time you can do it without money
  • Once you have the engaged community you can get repeated business.

Whereas for traditional marketing normally you need lots of money and often it’s a hit or miss situation.

For example, If you have bought the news paper add you will get inquires for that day or the money will be lost.

But when you spend money on creating social media properties like blog posts, youtube videos etc these properties will last for years.


2≠ Have a Social Media Marketing Plan


Can you reach to any destination with out a road map?

If not, then how can you achieve your business goals with out a plan?


3≠ Build Strong Social Media Properties


To do social media you need tools like:

  • Blogs
  • Social media properties (Facebook page / Twitter / LinkedIn accounts etc.)

What is the point of building a 10 story building if your foundations are not strong?

First build and optimize your social media foundations well.


4≠ Learn


I don’t think I need to say much about this point.

It’s quite self explanatory.

You must learn the fundamentals of social media marketing services, without the basic knowledge you will never be able to get desired results from outsourcing only.

Social media marketing is all about connecting with people on a personal level, can you outsource your personality?

So learn, learn, learn.

Things change real fast online.


5≠ Continuos Implementation


This is the hardest part of social media marketing services, where your real strength will be tested.

You don’t have to do difficult things to be succesful instead you got to do simple things with extra ordinary commitment and consistency for a longer period of time.

Following your social media marketing plan can be a boring process at start and I think you can only follow the plan for a longer period if you have a real passion for “why” you are in the business.

I highly recommend you to ask yourself following two questions before you jump into the social media marketing jungle:

  • Are you passionate to help people?
  • Can you do that over a longer periods of time without any financial benefits?

If your answer is yes to both of these questions then no one can stop you to become another great social media marketing story.

I believe when you follow the “excellence”, money part get’s sorted on it’s own.

As usual, your thoughts, questions & comments are really important for me.


Photo credit: Spree2010

  • ghazanfar ali

    Mr. Rana i often read your articles, the thing which i liked the most is the simplicity of your writing style. 

    • Rana Shahbaz

      I am glad you found my writing style simple because that’s the goal. 

  • Zac

    Very Effective post
    Thanks for Share

    • Rana Shahbaz

      Thank you @zacmaknojia:disqus I am glad you liked the post. 

  • Timo Kiander


    Great points!

    I think that one of the important things is to choose a certain social media platform to focus on, instead of trying to master everything from LinkedIn to Pinterest. Or what do you think?


    • Rana Shahbaz

      Thank you @TimoK:disqus for your comment.

      I think if you are mastering one channel well then you are lot smarter than most people trying to figure out social media marketing :-)

  • Peter Sandeen

    Hi Rana,

    I think most businesses go wrong with having a plan. You won’t get results if you only tweet “Buy my product X now” again and again…

  • Ryan Hanley


    Great stuff buddy… In my mind the Internet is no different then how business has been done Forever… You create value, relationships and a quality product or service that people need and then explain why they need it…

    Then Money rains from the sky and you buy your own private jet… You know, the classic success story!


    Ryan h.

  • Gemma L Thompson

    Great post Rana, as you say the key is in the Why! I find it amazing as I daily encounter wonderful businesses by great people who are scared to market becuase they don’t want to be pushy.
    I understand that pushy sales are awful, but these people have a genuine passion, enthusiasm and reason for their businesses, and I really think Social Media is a fantastic showcase for these guys! 

  • Shalu Sharma

    I agree, social media is here to stay. Business must adopt to using social media. 

  • Chris Nadeau

    Great post Rana!  And I agree with Ryan.  The principles that win online are the same ones that have been winning offline for years.  It’s just done a bit differently and this is where people need to Learn, like you said and get their hands dirty. :-)

  • Hector Avellaneda

    I mentioned this before in another comment but if you havent read Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start With Why’ I highly recommend it Rana! I think you’re going to enjoy it quite a bit seeing that you understand the perspective of the Why. More than anything, I think I need to work on really implementing a strategy when using social media services. I dont think this is something that I do extraordinarily well and I am sure I can improve! Thanks for sharing.

  • Tom Treanor


    I like the simplicity of your starting point. You need to be able to clearly explain your business, you need be confident about it an you need to pass on the why to your potential clients. Thanks for the post!

  • Shanna Mann

    Great article! Continuous implementation is often where I fall short. I have difficulties walking the fine line between showing my face often enough, and wasting time.

  • Steve Baines

    Hey Rana,

    I think you put the cart before the horse in your intro, but then in the 5 steps you put the horse back in front of the cart.  I agree “WHY” is the most important question.  But it’s not why people should by your product, or why your product is better than the competition, it’s WHY are you in business.  When customers harmonize with your WHY it doesn’t matter what you make.  Look at Apple – their “WHY” is to build beautiful, intuitive products.  As such the Apple faithful, myself included, would by ANYTHING they make.  It’s why the iPod was a success and the Zune was a failure.